Magnetize Your Music

YouTurn was invented by a classical pianist looking for a solution to hold her music open. Its simple magnetic design is what sets it apart from other sheet music holders.

With YouTurn, you can turn your pages easily and they stay turned!

Watch this quick video for a demonstration of how YouTurn works inside your music book or on a stand.

  • Trouble keeping your sheet music open and flat?
  • Do pages stay put when you turn them?
  • YouTurn is a simple and effective magnetic solution.
  • Use in your book or on a music stand.

Three Easy Steps

Place YouTurn magnetic strap into your book

Attach a treble clef clip onto the page or pages to be turned

Turn your page and it will stick to the magnet & stay flat!


The most brilliant ideas are simple and easy to use.

I think the YouTurn is brilliant. It makes keeping the music open and flipping the pages a breeze. And your pages won’t be affected by a breeze! A very useful tool for any musician.

– Laurie Meinhold, former President, Music Teachers’ Association of California, Orange Coast Cities Branch

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