Instructions for Use

Three Easy Steps

Place YouTurn magnetic strap into your book

Attach a treble clef clip onto the page or pages to be turned

Turn your page and it will stick to the magnet & stay flat!

Tips for Best Results


  • Stagger the clips on each successive page so that they do not bunch on top of each other after turning the page.
  • Place the clips on the page in a location where they will be attracted to the magnet once the page is turned or slide the magnet up or down the metal strap to correspond to the positioning of the treble clef clips.
  • You Turn may be used on either side of a book, depending on which part of the book you are working in. For thicker books, you may wish to purchase two You Turn for simultaneous use on both sides of a book.

Tips for use with a Music Stand

Remove the magnet from the strap

Place the YouTurn™ magnet on each side of your stand

Open your music section or place your sheets as desired. Apply one clip to each sheet.

Your sheets will then be magnetized and stay secure on your stand!

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